New Album: L’Anguille Electrique



Kiss The Frog is happy to announce our first official release in five years, a collection of improvisations entitled L’Anguille Electrique. L’Anguille Electrique was mixed and edited from a primarily improvisational recording session on Feburary 21, 2016.

L’Anguille Electrique was commissioned by Der Zitteraal in Karlsruhe Werderplatz, Germany.


L’Anguille Electrique (2016)

One (Le Monsieur Doo-Dah) (25:26)
Two (Knock Et Secret) (6:28)
Three (L’Anguille Electrique) (7:06)
Four (Chanson de la Mer Brumeuse) (10:42)
Five (Choc à Travers Vous) (10:35)

Stream Four (Chanson de la Mer Brumeuse) below:

L’Anguille Electrique is available now in mp3 zip archive as a free download.

Recorded on February 21, 2016
Engineered and mixed by Hillman at Saddle Peak Ranch Studios
Artwork by The Special Machine