New Release: The Trojan Horse Remastered + Bonus Disc


Kiss The Frog is happy to announce the re-release of “The Trojan Horse” newly remastered from the original 2004 final mixes. The newly remastered version of Trojan Horse comes with a companion disc of bonus tracks featuring song demos, rehearsal takes and alternate versions recorded and mixed for the album but never used.

Both “The Trojan Horse” and “Trojan Horse Bonus Tracks” are free downloads.

Stream “Propaganda” from The Trojan Horse here:

Stream “Propaganda (LIVE)” from Trojan Horse Bonus Tracks here:

The Trojan Horse (2004, 2016 remaster)

The Trojan Horse (6:54)
Stuporsonic (5:55)
To Your Head (6:13)
Hard (11:46)
The Optimist Song (5:11)
Propaganda (16:40)
The Gift (4:39)
Destination Imagination (6:59)
Virus (3:47)

The Trojan Horse Bonus Tracks (2016)

The Trojan Horse (Charles Demo) (6:34)
The Trojan Horse (Early Rehearsal) (8:56)
Stuporsonic (Charles Demo) (5:16)
To Your Head (Charles Demo) (3:54)
To Your Head (First Band Demo) (12:16)
Hard (The Offenburg Hardcore – Live in Offenburg GER) (1:24)
The Optimist Song (Charles First Demo) (4:27)
The Optimist Song (The Crickets Album Version) (5:41)
Propaganda (Live) (16:55)
Virus (Charles Demo) (2:24)
Virus (Early Basic Track Mix) (3:47)

All music & lyrics by Spacefuzz except “The Trojan Horse”,”Propaganda”, “To Your Head” lyrics by Spacefuzz/Jarnow, “Stuporsonic” lyrics by Benjamin, “The Gift” music by Newtron.