Trojan Horse 2016 Remaster

Trojan Horse (2004, Remastered 2016)

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The Trojan Horse (6:54) save

Stuporsonic (5:54) save

To Your Head (6:15) save

Hard (11:46) save

The Optimist Song (5:11) save

Propaganda (16:45) save

The Gift (4:34) save

Destination Imagination (6:59) save

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Trojan Horse Bonus Tracks (2016)

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Trojan Horse (Charles Demo) (6:34)
Trojan Horse (Early Rehearsal) (8:56)
Stuporsonic (Charles Demo) (5:16)
To Your Head (Charles Demo) (3:54)
To Your Head (First Band Demo) (12:16)
Hard (The Offenburg Hardcore - Live in Offenburg GER) (1:24)
The Optimist Song (Charles First Demo) (4:27)
The Optimist Song (The Crickets Album Version) (5:41)
Propaganda (Live) (16:55)
Virus (Charles Demo) (2:24)
Virus (Early Basic Track Mix) (3:47)

Produced by Kiss The Frog
Recorded October 2003 - March 2004
Basic tracks recorded by Hillman at Saddle Peak Ranch Studios
Arranged/Mixed by Spacefuzz in the Orange Room
Remastered by Spacefuzz
Music and lyrics by Spacefuzz except:
'Trojan Horse', 'To Your Head', 'Propaganda' lyrics by Spacefuzz/Jarnow
'Stuporsonic' lyrics by Benjamin
'The Gift' music by Newtron

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