…And Impending Doom (2019)


Taking cues from the hard bop, dub reggae, the American modern experimental classical tradition, klangfarbenmelodie, thrash metal, plus kraut- prog- psych- and post-rock, Kiss The Frog’s “…And Impending Doom” is a distillation and extension of these myriad traditions into tomorrow, now.

Recorded through antique microphones and analog mixing boards directly to 2″ analog tape (and digital back up) “…and Impending Doom” purposefully frayed production aesthetic adds classic worn-in tone and tactile presence to Kiss The Frog’s improvisational soundscapes.

Released May 17, 2019

Ricochet Subatomique recorded on October 15, 2017.
Amizade (This is not the Sabbath Boogie) recorded October 17, 2017. 
For the Love of Beethoven and Owner of a Topographic Ocean recorded May 26, 2018.
Anton and Dimorphodon recorded August 28, 2018.
Spacejacking The Ark recording date is currently unknown.


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Ricochet Subatomique (18:56)


Spacejacking The Ark (17:04)
Anton (5:11)
For The Love of Beethoven (9:42)


Dimorphodon (5:28)
Amizade (This Is Not The Sabbath Boogie) (14:32)


Owner of a Topographic Ocean, Pt. I-III (24:43)

Total time: 1 hour 36 minutes.


All tracks improvised by Kiss The Frog.
Produced by Kiss The Frog.
Recorded at Saddle Peak Ranch Studios to 2″ analog tape and digital back up.
Engineered by Pete.
Mixed by Pete with some interloping by Charles.
Assembled, edited and mastered by Charles.
Barry by Barry.

Guest vocals on “Spacejacking The Ark” by Craig Judkins

Cover painting by Elliot Newton

KTF sends huge hugs, endless gratitude and window rattling love to Lesli Watts.