Der Zitteraal (2023, 2016)

Kiss The Frog’s 2023 reissue of their 2016 album ‘Der Zitteraal’ – description, credits, track listing, where to stream and purchase.


Der Zitteraal was commissioned by Electric Eel Cafe Karlsruhe Werderplatz, Germany to create a sub-atmosphere in their cafe’s restrooms where the KTF’s improvisations would play on loop 24 hours a day. Der Zitteraal is a companion album to L’Anguille Electrique, the first album in the Electric Eel series,

This is a companion album to L’Anguille Electrique


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Commissioned by Electric Eel Cafe, Karlsruhe Werderplatz, Germany

Improvised by Kiss The Frog
Produced by Kiss The Frog
Recorded Feb 21 & March 13, 2016
Engineered and mixed by Peter Hillman at Saddle Peak Ranch Studios
Assembled, edited and mastered by Charles