Kiss The Frog (2018)

Pucker up. KTF’s self-titled latest album sparkles with psychedelic atmospheres, down tempo grooves, slip stream structural dynamics and a heaping dose of reckless abandon. Recorded direct to analog tape with no overdubs, this is the straight vintage dope.

Kiss The Frog is available to purchase via Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play now.

Kiss The Frog tracklist:

When Phill Colins Collides Into Neptune (Parts I-IV) (25:23)
Let’s Take The Scenic Route (11:02)
Recreational Dentistry (11:53)
C20H25N3O (16:54)

Kiss The Frog was recorded live – with no overdubs – to 24 track analog tape at Saddle Peak Ranch Studios in Topanga, California between October 2017 and January 2018. The album was engineered by Pete, mixed by Pete & Charles, and edited/sequenced/mastered by Charles. Cover artwork was drawn by Hannah Newton. Produced by Kiss The Frog.

Preorder via Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Kiss The Frog is the first of three album releases culled from the same recording sessions. Each album in this series explores different sound worlds and experimental approaches to real-time musical composition. The next release in this series, entitled Versus The Monsters of The Seven Seas, will make beachhead on Friday May 18, 2018.