The Berlin Tapes (2003)


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Left to Right: Almut’s hand, Dan, Charles… recording TBD in Berlin.

Recorded during three day stay in Berlin during Kiss The Frog’s 2002 European tour at Berlin University Tonstudio, Berlin GER. The Berlin Tapes basic tracks were engineered and pre-mixed by Almut Schwacke and Dan Kadoo. Overdubs and vocals were recorded by Charles at The Orange Room. Tour poster art by 2016 reissue cover and remastering by Charles. The Berlin Tapes were produced by the inimitable Craig Judkins and Kiss The Frog. Released 3/3/2003

Propaganda (13:03)
Spy vs. Spy (12:43)

Berliner Studie (11:16)
Hard (14:26)
Destination Imagination(10:39)