The Trojan Horse (2006)


The Trojan Horse was Kiss The Frog’s true studio debut, with basic tracks recorded in 2004 at brand new Saddle Peak Ranch Studios in Topanga, CA and overdubs/arrangements recorded at Charles’ The Orange Room studios. The Trojan Horse features a ton of classic KTF songs, many of which have been stretched out with epic improvisational sections.


The Trojan Horse (6:54)
Stuporsonic (5:54)
To Your Head (6:15)
Hard (11:46)
The Optimist Song (5:11)
Propaganda (16:45)
The Gift (4:34)
Destination Imagination (6:59)
Virus (3:47)

Trojan Horse Bonus Tracks (2016)

The Trojan Horse (Charles Demo) (6:34)
Trojan Horse (Early Rehearsal) (8:56)
Stuporsonic (Charles Demo) (5:16)
To Your Head (Charles Demo) (3:54)
To Your Head (First Band Demo) (12:16)
Hard (The Offenburg Hardcore – Live in Offenburg GER) (1:24)
The Optimist Song (Charles First Demo) (4:27)
The Optimist Song (The Crickets Album Version) (5:41)
Propaganda (Live) (16:55)
Virus (Charles Demo) (2:24)
Virus (Early Basic Track Mix) (3:47)

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Produced by Kiss The Frog
Recorded October 2003 – December 2005
Released on January 18, 2006
Basic tracks recorded by Hillman at Saddle Peak Ranch Studios
Arranged/Mixed by Charles in the Orange Room, Los Angeles CA
Remastered 2016 by Charles
Music and lyrics by Charles except:
‘Trojan Horse’, ‘To Your Head’, ‘Propaganda’ lyrics by Spacefuzz/Jarnow
‘Stuporsonic’ lyrics by Benjamin
‘The Gift’ music by Newtron