New Release: The Trojan Horse Remastered + Bonus Disc

Kiss The Frog is happy to announce the re-release of “The Trojan Horse” newly remastered from the original 2006 final mixes. The newly remastered version of Trojan Horse comes with a companion disc of bonus tracks featuring song demos, rehearsal takes and alternate versions recorded and mixed for the album but never used.

The Trojan Horse (2006)

The Trojan Horse (6:54)
Stuporsonic (5:55)
To Your Head (6:13)
Hard (11:46)
The Optimist Song (5:11)
Propaganda (16:40)
The Gift (4:39)
Destination Imagination (6:59)
Virus (3:47)

The Trojan Horse Bonus Tracks (2016)

Download bonus tracks archive.

The Trojan Horse (Charles Demo) (6:34)
The Trojan Horse (Early Rehearsal) (8:56)
Stuporsonic (Charles Demo) (5:16)
To Your Head (Charles Demo) (3:54)
To Your Head (First Band Demo) (12:16)
Hard (The Offenburg Hardcore – Live in Offenburg GER) (1:24)
The Optimist Song (Charles First Demo) (4:27)
The Optimist Song (The Crickets Album Version) (5:41)
Propaganda (Live) (16:55)
Virus (Charles Demo) (2:24)
Virus (Early Basic Track Mix) (3:47)

All music & lyrics by Spacefuzz except “The Trojan Horse”,”Propaganda”, “To Your Head” lyrics by Spacefuzz/Jarnow, “Stuporsonic” lyrics by Benjamin, “The Gift” music by Newtron.